our coaching team

Michael Guzman

Head Coach

Michael started coaching in 1978.
Michael was coached by 1984 Olympic Team Coach Abbie Grossfeld at Southern Connecticut State University where he still holds the school vault record and was team captain in his senior year. Guzman was Watts Summer Games Vault champion, California State Junior College Vault Champion and EIGL Vault Champion.

“… not only a highly motivated and loyal individual, but also most reliable. His example certainly indicated his integrity.”

Abbie Grossfeld
1984 U.S. Olympic Coach

A past Chairman of the Northern California Women’s Gymnastics Association, Guzman still remains on the board of the organization as a Vice Chairman. He is the designer of the U.S. Elite Coaches Association Journal and is USAG Safety Certified and Level Accredited.

Natalie Guzman

Assistant Head Coach, Choreographer

Natalie has been coaching since 1991. She started gymnastics at the ripe old age of 2 and worked herself up to a level 10 gymnast. She started coaching as a way to help pay for her tuition.  Natalie has coached many State, Regional & National Champions.

“I love gymnastics because it builds self esteem, creates strong character and truly teaches the meaning of dedication”

Natalie choreographs all the Beam and Floor routines here at JGYC.  Her routines have been used by many State, Regional and National Champions. She was awarded the prestigious “NorCal Choreographer of the Year” Award.

She  is the editor of the U.S. Elite Coaches Association Journal , a Zone Representative on the NorCal Coaches’ Association Board, USAG Safety Certified and a Level 10 judge.

Cameryn Guzman

Skill & WildKat Coach
Xcel Team Coach

Cameryn was part of the Women’s Ensemble Choir at Clayton Valley High School.  She won triple gold in 2015 Washington D.C. as part of the choir.

She  did gymnastics when she was younger and worked her way up to the PreTeam level.

Cameryn started coaching gymnastics in 2015.  She loved doing the sport herself and coaching was a way to stay involved with the sport.  She likes to see the kids grow and see how proud they get when they check off a new skill.

“I love that I can help children achieve their goals” 

 She thinks that gymnastics is an original sport because you have to learn and perform different skills on each event.

Briana Adler

Skill & WildKat Coach
Xcel Team Coach

Jasmine Hendrix

Front Office

Adriana Gonzalez

Skill & WildKat Coach

Gabriella Paz

Skill & WildKat Coach

Maniyah Calhoun

Skill & WildKat Coach

Baily Switzer

Skill & WildKat Coach
Front Desk

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